Otters Outdoor Maths
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Yesterday, we went round the classes for our Conkers Maths Day. First, we went to the Squirrels class and we did some problem solving to unlock the phone to escape the forest .We had to solve the problems from question 1 to question 6, to get the digits to unlock the phone. Next, we went to the Magpies class and went outside and did some teamwork tasks and estimating .Our team work tasks were to sit on someone’s knees but also be a chair for someone else without falling over. Our estimating task was to estimate the time it will take for every team to touch the object that teacher says, the team with the closest guess gets a point. After that, we went to the Hedgehog’s class and we created different types of triangles, made out of sticks and twine. Then, we went to the Badgers class and we went outside and made a picture out of sticks, it had to include right, acute and obtuse angles. After that, we went to the Deers class and did an outside maths scavenger hunt. We had to find the items on the list and understand how to measure a object with out a ruler. Finally, we went to our own class the Otters and had to measure the surface area of a leaf. We also found out why leaves change colour.After every activity,we had answer a true or false question. If we answered correctly we got a letter, if we got it wrong we don’t get it. At the end when you have to spell out the letters we would have to guess missing letters. We got most of the letters apart from one letter but then we figured out it spelled willow. Our surprise was in the willow, it was a note attached to a golden pine cone and said that we had won a treat on Friday. Yesterday, was so so fun we really enjoyed it!

By Pippa Chadwick and Carys Reed

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