Tudor topic work – art, animation, problem-solving and performance poetry!

Deers class have had a busy start to the week – we have been doing lots of topic-related work. Having learnt about Tudor houses (and made some fantastic models for homework!), we discussed the materials used to build them, and some of the consequences of houses being built from wood, thatch and wattle and daub – the Great Fire of London

Children used their Tudor houses and little people to create animations of the Great Fire of London starting – and included some Welsh phrases in the speech as well! Da iawn!

Performance Poetry was another of the activities children participated in. Pupils used changes in tone, volume and expression in their voices as well as actions to perform the poem ‘The Great Fire of London’ to the rest of the class

Who will sit next to who at the Tudor feast? William Shakespeare doesn’t want to sit next to Christopher Colombus! Year 4 used their problem-solving skills to work out who should sit where.

Ephemeral art – children enjoyed using leaves and natural materials to create images of Tudor houses burning in the Great Fire of London

We even managed to squeeze in PE and emailing replies to our Irish friends from Eglish National School, who are also part of the Erasmus+ outdoor learning project ‘Happy Children make Happy Learners’!

What a busy start to the week! Bendigedig Blwyddyn Pedwar!

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