Despite the cold, Year 4 Deers got outside to do some outdoor learning all about William Shakespeare!

True/false – Shakespeare invented the phrase ‘for goodness sake’

True! The phrase ‘for goodness sake’ was used in Shakespeare’s play Henry VIII. Well done! If you got it right you get to collect something from your bucket.

True/false – some actors think it’s bad luck to say the name Hamlet in a theatre.

You’re right, it’s false! Some actors think it’s bad news to say Macbeth when in a theatre.

A correct answer means you can collect something from your bucket. What could the words collected be used to make?

“Maybe we could use them to write a spell! Just like the one the witches chant in Macbeth!”

Back inside in the warm to start writing our witches spells. Double, double, toil and trouble…

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