Today the Eco Committee, Super Ambassadors and some members of the School Council met to participate in a webinar with Sally Holland the Children’s Commissioner for Wales.

Children from schools across Wales discussed campaigns they have worked on to make a positive change. We’ve made note of some good ideas which we’ll discuss in future meetings. Our Eco Committee forwarded the following information to the Commissioner’s office:

At Gowerton Primary school we have been doing a variety of things to reduce our use of plastic and also to try and recycle more. The Eco Committee proposed that the school stop using plastic straws for the younger children to drink their milk; this has been in place for a year now. Also it has been agreed that no more laminating pouches will be ordered by school as these cannot be recycled. 
At school our PTA have worked with the Eco committee to collect crisp packets and bread bags to recycle, the committee have helped to sort through these so they can be weighed and the Eco-committee then receive any funds we get for these.
As an Eco-committee we also do spot checks on the bins in the school, including the ones in classrooms and in the staffroom. This way we can check people are recycling everything that can be recycled.

Our question: What are you doing to make sure schools are using less single-use plastic?

We were thrilled to hear the Commissioner welcome us to the webinar and share our report with the other schools around Wales. @childcomwales

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