Dinomania in Reception!
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Today we welcomed Ranger Chris and Ranger Andy to our school. They brought a lot of amazing dinosaur artefacts and even some dinosaur eggs and ‘real’ dinosaurs! We had a wonderful time learning some incredible new facts…what a fun way to learn!

The smallest dinosaur ever to live was called a ‘microraptor’. Ranger Chris showed us a fossil of one-it was really small! He also brought some dinosaur eggs-they were all different sizes and colours. Did you know that T-Rex’s always laid 2 eggs? But they were too heavy to sit on them!
We saw one of the eggs shake and hatch! Out came ‘Nibbles’ the Dromaeosaurus!
Trudy the Troodon was a nocturnal dinosaur. She was covered with feathers and had bright eyes and a big brain!
Finally we met Ronnie the T-Rex. He was 4 years old…the same as some of us! He let us tickle his chin and he took Ranger Chris’ hat off with his teeth! Did you know that a t-Rex’s teeth were the same size as bananas!

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