This Week in Otters

On Monday we did a handwriting competition for St  David’s Day and then we did some pictures on them to decorate it. (now we need to see who wins.)Then Mrs  Davis came in and did some music with us for the solo competition 🎶. 

Rock and cupcake competition 

Through out the week people did welsh rock art🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿and cake decorating🧁Lots of them looked delicious and then we came back and did some guided reading.

The trip to big pit

On Thursday we went on a really fun trip to the Big Pit. It was a very long trip 🚍and we saw loads of snow ❄️We were very excited and we got to play in the snow ❄️ There were a lot of people there and we split up into two groups ,one group was with Mrs Davies and the other group was with Mr Ashton. First, we went into a mini cinema 🎥 and watched a small movie of what happed in the mines,then we went into a fake mine and we heard a huge BANG🧨 (we were pretty scared !)😱 Next, we went to a real Coal mine and had a big helmet with torch 🔦 on it to see in the dark and a heavy belt with a gas mask on and a battery 🔋 to charge the light 💡. First, we went in the elevator and it was 99ft down ⬇️ It was going slow at first and once they had past each other it was very fast !💨 Finally, we made it down and it was very muddy and stinky 🤢 and we all held our noses 👃 Then we made it out of the stinky part and we went to the horse stables 🐴The funniest name was Socks 🧦 😂 and at the end there was a miner who threw orange peels at us 🍊We saw a Davy lamp which means if the fire in the lamp turns blue it means there is a gas ⛽️ attack. Then we went back up the elevator and it was freezing 🥶 up there ⬆️. Finally we had lunch 🥗. After lunch we had to go 🥺 It took more than an hour to get back but we finally made it to school 🏫 and had 10 min extra play 😀 yay!

By Sofia and Marcel 

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