Magpies – Home Learning Week 1
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Hi Magpies, 

Welcome to your first home school learning blog!

The following tasks will be set weekly for you to complete at home:

· Time Travellers Topic Grid – Choose at least one challenge from a range of activities linked to our Mining topic.

· Reading – Pupil booklet with an accompanying question booklet (an answer booklet will be shared later in the week).

· Maths – Tasks set can be accessed via your Active Learn account and will include Practice games and homework challenge sheets

· Literacy – Writing task

· PSE – Choose from a range of fun activities to try at home with your family.

A reminder that home school learning will be posted weekly on both the class blog and TEAMS in the group entitled ‘Magpies 2019-20.’ Any answers will be shared on a Friday so you can check how well you’ve done but if you need any help, have any questions or just want a quick chat I am available via email or the Magpies chat page on TEAMS. 

Do your best with your school work but most importantly enjoy spending time with your family – play in the garden, enjoy watching your favourite films and keep a look out on our school website main page where there are lots of lovely ideas of other learning opportunities that are available which are being updated daily.

Finally, why not start Monday morning off with a great PE workout at 9am prompt run by Joe the body coach…

Stay safe, stay well and happy learning

Mrs Thomas 


    1. Hi Lynda, I have emailed you Rhys’ log in for HBW. If you look at our most recent Blog here on our Magpies class page, you will find a more detailed Home school learning planner for year 6 which includes a range of activities / links to websites that you might find useful.

      Any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

      Mrs Thomas

  1. Hi Mrs Thomas, Hope all is well. How do we access some of this info? Bethan can get on her active learn but no idea for the pupil booklet etc. She assured me she understood how to access everything before school finished , however i think she was away with the fairies..
    Many Thanks.

    1. Hi Claire, maths challenges are all set through Active Learn in the ‘My Stuff’ section. The resources for all other activities can be found in the ‘Magpies 2019-20’ folder on TEAMS. TEAMS can be located through HWB. Once logged into HWb, click on ‘menu’, ‘Office 365’ and ‘Teams’. Once in TEAMS, click on ‘Files’ and the folder ‘Home-School Learning week commencing 23rd March.’

      Details of all the activities set including further activity ideas and suggested website links etc. can be found in the most recent blog on Magpies class page here on our website. Hope this helps.

      If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
      Diolch, Mrs Thomas.

    1. Hi. As stated in the most recent blog – if we has done his work using the platform “Office” then he can share it on Teams. If he has done it on paper, then he can take a picture of the work and email it to me. Hope this helps! I have also put my email address on Teams if he needs any further support.

      Mrs Thomas

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