Caterpillars – Home Learning Week 1

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend in the gorgeous sunshine.
Have a look on our class page regularly for some great ideas you can use at home with your families.

Dough Disco is a great fine motor control exercise which can help literacy and drawing skills in children, whilst being fun to participate in 🙂

Dough Disco

Have fun with chalk!

Most of all have fun and keep safe.

Mrs Williams 🏉😀

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  1. Thanks Mrs Williams 🙂 We’ve been having fun doing Dough Discos, as well as enjoying being in the garden; planting and exploring. Eleanor has taken on the role of Mrs Williams, Alice is apparently Miss May…I’m being kept in order 😀 The register is taken every morning…tomorrow the day is starting in the tent we put up in the garden this afternoon – hope the neighbours are ready for ‘Bore Da’.

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