Outdoor Learning – at home!
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We all have access to the outdoors in different ways – gardens, patios, doorsteps or looking out of windows. I will be suggesting activities that you may want to try over the next few weeks. Have a go in your own outdoor space or use the photos of the outdoors if you are inside. I’m sure you will be able to make up your own too!

Have a look at the photo below. Can you solve the mystery?

How many people walked along this path? Any animals? Which is the largest/ smallest print? Do you have any shoes that have the same patterns?

How many different prints can you see?

You may want to try this very simply at home to see what animals move around in your garden at night. Look at the links below to find some ideas.

How to make a footprint trap

Identifying prints

Don’t forget to photograph any prints you find the next day!

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