Dynamic dens!
Miss Greenaway in Sweden (Erasmus trip)

At Gowerton Primary most of you have enjoyed making dens – whether the challenge was linked to area, limited resources, time restriction, knot work or story book links! Have a go at some of the techniques below, whether you are making dens inside or outside.

Image result for surgeons knot
Surgeons knot

A very useful knot – easy to tie and easy to undo. Essential for den building!

Image result for tie a knot around a lump in a tarpaulin
To attach a piece of string to a tarpaulin or sheet to aid attachment. Tie string around a lump inserted in corner or side of sheet and use surgeons knot.
Image result for fairy dens
Fairy dens
Image result for indoor dens with sheets
Garden dens
Image result for indoor dens
Indoor dens

Click on this link to view the ‘Muddy Faces’ information It has lots of information and ideas, including different methods, tying techniques and why it is important to make dens ……. problem solving, imagination, creativity, design skills, language skills, mathematical language and resilience! If it doesn’t work ask yourself what you could change or what you would do differently next time.

Good luck and have fun!

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