Caterpillars – Home Learning Week 2

Hello Caterpillars, I hope you have had a wonderful week in this glorious sunshine enjoying some of the activities I sent you. Dough Disco is great fun! Myself and Murphy (my 🐶) have enjoyed being outdoors too.

Oi Frog read aloud As we have been learning all about frogs, this week I would like you to read ‘Oi Frog’. Please click on the link above. Have a look around the house and see if you can find objects to use for animals to sit on. Remember that they must rhyme. I can’t wait to see your photos and ideas.

Health and well-being

Go out into this glorious sunshine and see how many exercises you can do!

I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy some of these activities. I miss you all but enjoy this time with your families.

Stay safe.
Mrs Williams 😀🏉☕️


  1. Thank you Mrs Williams, Evan misses you too. We have set up a little pond this week with some tadpoles so will enjoy this weeks activities.

    Take care
    Lisa & Evan

  2. Hello Mrs.Williams, Miss May and Mrs.Allen 🙂
    We’ve had fun doing exercises and talking about frog spawn and the frog life cycle.
    The highlight was frog spawn in a pond which was made from sultanas in green jelly! Layla keeps saying “I want to show Mrs.Williams!”.
    Wishing you all a pleasant Easter holiday.
    Layla and Arianne.

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