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Some of you will remember that we ‘chitted’ our seed potatoes that were sent to us by and kindly organised by Nicole Yardley.

A great resource and lots of fun facts and tips….
The potatoes are ready to start growing their shoots in preparation for planting!

The potatoes were ready to plant in the ground, so due to the current situation and uncertainty, I planted the seed potatoes in my raised bed at home.

Ready for the potato bag and raised bed. Can you see the shoots?
I had a little help from my cat Finley!

A few weeks later, the potatoes have started to grow. It is important to keep them watered and to bank up the compost around the stem.

My daughter also constructed the science investigation. Can you see the shoot growing up and the roots growing down into the soil?

We won’t eat any of the potatoes that grow in the bottle as they are growing in plastic!

Look out for more updates soon!

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