Caterpillars Home Learning Week 5 – 04.05.20
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Bore da Dosbarth Caterpillars! I hope you have had a lovely week spending time with your family – playing in the garden, in the ☀️ and the ☔️, enjoying watching your favourite films and keeping a look out on our school website main page where there are lots of lovely ideas of other learning opportunities that are available which are being updated daily.

Start Monday morning off with a great PE workout at 9am prompt with Joe Wicks, The Body Coach who is being helped out by his wife tomorrow!

Have some fun making and creating with things you can find around the house. Can you build any of these?

Our story this week is a class favourite – we all love it! It’s a great book for understanding prepositional language – in, on, under, around, through etc.

Click on the above link that will take you to our favourite animation of the story. Boys and girls, try telling the story to your families – you all are great at retelling this in school, using lovely expression too!

Rosie’s Walk Assault Course – Can you make an assault course for Rosie to get away from the sneaky fox? Here are some ideas …. I would love to see some of yours!

I hope you enjoy Rosie’s Walk and remember to watch out for that sneaky fox! He turns up in other stories too – can you think of any?
Have a great week. I hope to see you all soon!
Mrs Williams ☕️🐶🏉

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