Year 4 Deers and Hedgehogs  Home Learning                  Week 5     04.05.20
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Hello Deers and Hedgehogs!

We hope you have all had a great week and are still keeping well and safe at home.

Below you will find a link to the weekly planner with suggested Home-School learning activities for this week. Remember, all the resources linked to this week’s planner can be found below and don’t forget to log on to Active Learn and Times Table Rockstar to play your allocated games.

Some of the activities can be completed on Hwb using J2e or Microsoft Office tools…just like you would do in class! If you upload/save work in your files on J2e remember you need to ‘share‘ them with us, for us to be able to view them. To do that you will need to …

  • ‘Drag’ your work/ photo of your work into ‘your files’ in j2e on Hwb
  • Click on the green ‘i’ circle (top right of the piece of work)
  • Click on ‘share’  then in the ‘shared with’ search section, type in either/both of our surnames Dowsett or Greenaway. It will find us and will say ‘admin’ next to our name, select it.
  • At the top of the piece of work it should already be set to ‘private’ keep it like that, that means the work will only be able to be viewed by the person/people you have selected from the ‘admin’ list to view it (your teachers)
  • Then we will be able to see your work on our teacher accounts. Hope this helps, any problems, please let us know.

As you are already aware, Mrs Arundel is now on maternity leave, so we would like Year 4 Hedgehogs to either save and ‘share’ their work with us on j2e or you can email us your work on the email addresses below.

Mrs Dowsett – or

Miss Greenaway –

We love seeing all of your hard work and the activities you have chosen to complete. Please keep sharing them with us!

Have a lovely week everyone! Fingers crossed the sun comes back out this week for us to enjoy!

Remember to staysafe and keep being positive!

Love From Mrs Dowsett and Miss Greenaway : )

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