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Hello again Rabbits! Or should I say “Helo eto!” or “Rebonjour!” or even “Ciao du nuovo!”

I am really enjoying reading all your presentations on such a wide variety of different countries! Thank You! (Diolch!/Merci!/Grazie!)

As some have already done, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or on Teams if you have any difficulties or queries of any kind! I will try my best to sort things out for you, and if I can’t, then Miss James or Mrs Morgan probably will!!

Remember to log on to ‘Microsoft Teams’ with your Hwb passwords for this week’s activities which are linked to the attached planners below. Also be aware that there is a message from Active Learn this week regarding changes they are making from May 16th so please remember to read this message!

Stay safe Rabbits! Keep washing your hands! Keep in touch!

Love from Mrs Lam

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