Caterpillars Class Home Learning Week 10 – 15.06.20

Ooh aaaar me hearties!!! I hope you all have the best week ever! Mrs Williams has turned into a pirate 🏴‍☠️ and I even went into the sea today. I also found an old shipwreck but no treasure!

We are all going to sail the ocean seas. First job you need to do is to Jump aboard The Pirate Ship

Now you are ready I want you to practice counting treasure….gold, diamonds and rubies…all the way up to 15!

Some pirates games you can try:

Join Pirate Andy on his adventures

Pirate Nature Treasure Hunt

How about going on an outdoor Treasure Hunt? You could dress up, make a pirate hat, walk the plank, collect golden coins and even have pirate potions! What treasure can you find in the woods?

The “pirate gear” items to find are:
– a sword (a stick with a “handle”)
– an eye patch (a round leaf which you attach to ribbon – just make sure its not poison ivy!)
-a pirate’s hook (a curved stick)

And the “pirate treasure” items are:
-jewels (rocks and pebbles)
-gold doubloons (acorn caps)
-pearls (berries – make sure they don’t eat them!)

And then, at the end you keep the pirate gear, but find a good place to “bury” the treasures – in a log, a hollow tree stump, etc. Of course, X marks the spot, so you use two sticks to make an X over the place they are buried.


Diolch yn fawr

I want to say a few great BIG thank you to my Caterpillars Class . I have received some fantastic emails with videos and photographs again this week. It has been fabulous to see your smiling faces and what you have been up to. Pirate Weeks are fabulous! Phoebe has done some great Pirate Yoga, Eleanor, wow – super flash cards in the garden! Aidan, hope you’ve just got a broken toe, and not a wooden leg!!

I also want to say thank you again for taking part in the special secret #spreadthehappiness mission. I took some up to Nomad again today and your wonderful pictures were delivered with their Sunday dinners and you certainly #spreadthehappiness amongst the Gowerton community. They were delighted and loved the hugs! Keep an eye on @Nomad – you may have a message from them😍Thank you Caterpillars and your parents for helping me with this Superhero mission! Here’s a special superhero story – watch out for the seaweed monster!!

And this is a super tricky story with lots of the RWI sound ‘p,p,p, Pirate’. What other sounds can you hear?

Have a wonderful Pirate Week and have lots of fun, love Mrs Williams😀☕️🏉🐶

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