Caterpillars 🐛 – Home Learning Week 11 – 22.06.20

Bore da pawb! Welcome to week 11 – because I had so much fun looking at all your lovely Pirate pictures and photographs and because I love the beach …our topic this week is Under The Sea. There are some fabulous books linked to this topic but this one is my absolute favourite!

There are some great activity sheets you can print out here

Here’s a Welsh song all about things that live under the sea…

Pysgod – fish🐟 siarc – shark 🐋
cranc – crab🦀 octopws – octopus 🐙 pysgod puffer – puffer fish🐡
pysgod jeli – jelly fish🦑

Here are some great craft activities that you can try at home:

Steer the ship to collect the treasure and clean up the environment at the same time 🏴‍☠️🐙🦑🐋🐟🦀🐡🏴‍☠️

I hope you have a fantastic week with these activities and I would love to see all of what you get up to. Don’t forget to email them and any news to me and I will email you back about my week as well Have fun, stay safe and sending you all a virtual hug

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