Caterpillars Class – Home Learning Week 12 – 29.06.20

This week we are continuing our ‘Under The Sea’ topic. It has been wonderful to see and read all your photographs and emails – I love seeing what you have been up to. There has been some amazing Fred Talk 🐸 this week with fabulous sound work 👏👏

Here are some sound activities on Oxford Owl to try. See if you can remember the sounds that you know. Have a go at Fred talking too.

Now we are off on a visit to London’s SeaLife Aquarium 🦑🐟🐋🦀🐡🐳🦈🐙

What sea creatures did you see? How many? What was the biggest? What had the most legs? Count on one more, one less.


Under The Sea!

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I can’t wait to see if anyone makes a fabulous jellyfish in a bottle. I saw lots of jellyfish on the beach this week. They were all different colours. What colour can you make? Make real jelly – touch it, smell it, squidge it, taste it. You can even cut it with scissors which is great fun! There are lots of Under the Sea stories – which is your favourite?

Have a great week and I hope you enjoy all of the activities on the blog. I miss you all and cant wait to catch up with you soon.
love Mrs Williams ☕️🏉🐶

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