Successful ERW Professional Learning Network application!

ERW (Education Through Regional Working)

 Professional Learning Network Application

Mrs Mclean has also been successful in her application to be part of the ERW Professional Learning Network in Science & Technology.

What is the purpose of the Professional Learning Networks?

  • To support schools to work together to carry out professional enquiry in the classroom.
  • Within each PLN, clusters of schools will work together to develop their enquiry skills by identifying an area for quality improvement and undertaking an enquiry to explore a key issue for their school.

This grant will enable staff to collaborate with colleagues across the region, share skills and work with pupils on an agreed Science & Technology focus with the support of Lead enquiry School and a Higher Education Institution. The work will be carried out between November 2020 and March 2021.

Collaboration within these projects will aim to positively impact both staff and pupils with Outdoor Learning at the core.

Look out for more updates!

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