Butterflies Class Update – Weeks 12.10 and 19.10
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We have had a very busy and exciting fortnight based around the stories, Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs. Lots of fun activities and challenges, from character sudoku to measuring sticks and a science investigation – our class love to have a challenge

Our investigation was to explore the suitability of materials to make a roof for The Three Little Pigs house. We experimented with tissue paper, fabric, cardboard, plastic bag and kitchen roll. We found that the plastic carrier bag was waterproof and the best material to use for the roof.

Science Investigation

We celebrated Well-being Wednesday and wore something green to school. We enjoyed taking part in mindfulness activities including Cosmic yoga and colouring whilst listening to relaxing music.

On Thursday it was ‘Diwrnod Shwmae’! We practised our Welsh language patterns and enjoyed celebrating the Welsh language.

Our last day of half-term was full of fun. We dressed up and took part in lots of fun activities – colouring, counting, making pumpkin faces, musical bumps and a pumpkin Hunt. We were so excited to have a raffle to win some little prizes; we all picked a raffle ticket out of the pumpkin basket then the winners were drawn. Friends of Gowerton Primary gave everyone a fun size chocolate; a perfect way to end a very busy Half-term. Happy holiday everybody 😊

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