Bore da Caterpillars 🐛. I hope you have had a good weekend. It has been lovely to see some of you out and about exploring and giving me a wave as I walk past. Every week I will uploading activities for you to work on at home linked to our topic . Our book of the fortnight is ‘Sneezy The Snowman’ – Sneezy is cold, cold, cold. To warm up, he drinks cocoa, sits in a hot tub, stands near a warm fire–and melts! But the children know just what to do to build him up again–and make him feel “just right”.


Please practice all the RWI sounds that you know. Use the RWI Sounds packs that was sent home to help. See if you can remember them all! You can use lots of different multi sensory ways to help with your sounds. Here are some ideas you can use.

Sneezy The Snowman Story


Super snowball counting. How many snowballs does each snowman need? Remember to point as you count. What is the highest number you can count to? Can you add one more?

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Are you ready to take on winter? The winter weather might be frightful…but it’s time to grab your winter warmers and head outside for some fun outdoor winter activities. Don’t let the brisk winter chill put you off going outdoors! Outdoor play is extremely important for a child’s development – as it enhances their physical activity, mental wellbeing, independence and creativity. Winter is the perfect time to explore new and unique outdoor learning opportunities of un-brr-lievable outdoor winter play activity ideas for early years to excite and delight.

Go on a Winter Scavenger Hunt 

It’s time to spot the signs of winter! Print out this FREE Winter Scavenger Hunt spotter sheet and head outside on an exciting winter adventure trail to see how many winter items you can find on the list.

Fingers crossed that you will be able to feel snowflakes on your face 🤞 That would be amazing ❄️❄️☃️ Explore the woodlands around where you live. Look for signs of Winter – what is ice? How is it made? What happens to ice when it gets warm? What does it feel like?


Come in from the cold and warm up with these super snowy games

Health and Wellbeing

Watch and listen to this song by Olaf, who wishes for the Summer. What would happen to him in the Summer? What happened to Sneezy when he got too hot? How do you feel when you get too hot….or too cold? What happens to ice when you hold it for too long?

Have a wonderful time exploring Winter this week with your families and keep practising those numbers and sounds. As always I look forward to hearing from you ….and this week you may even hear from myself or Miss May checking in with you! Listen out for that phone call 📞. Have a great week and I hope you have lots of fun with these activities.

love Mrs Williams ☕️😁🐛

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