Happy Monday to all my Caterpillars 🐛! I hope you enjoyed last week’s home learning blog – I have received emails from some of you letting me know what you’ve been up to. It has been so nice checking in with you all this week. Myself and Miss May loved chatting to you and your parents. This week we are continuing with ‘Sneezy The Snowman’ and lots of snowy activities.


Please keep practising the RWI sounds that you know. I’ve also added a link to flash cards but remember we haven’t learnt them all yet. Every week try and introduce a ‘newbie’. It’s what we call the next new sound in school 😀


Practise every day recognising and forming numbers. Numbers are everywhere – look around your house and see what numbers you can find. When you go for a walk look at front doors on houses – what numbers can you see? What number is on your door? Look at car number plates…what numbers do you recognise?


You’ll need some help from a grown-up to read for this game ‘Sut mae’r tywydd?’ but you are all super with Tedi Tywydd and should know lots of the answers…..one or two are a bit tricky though!

Super STEM science

Make a melting snowman – this is magic!

Once you have a collection of snowmen,  for your activity, it’s time to make them melt, with a bit of science “magic.” Fill a small bowl with room temperature water. Place one snowman on top of the water and watch what happens. Almost immediately you will start to see small bubbles appearing on the sides of your snowman.  In minutes the snowman will completely melt right before your eyes!

Why do Packing Peanuts Dissolve in Water? 

Here’s the science behind the melted snowman activity.   The new packing peanuts are made from biodegradable corn starch, which means they break down easily. The water helps break them down even faster. I can’t wait to see your photographs from this experiment!

Fake Snow

Another super idea is to make fake snow using just two ingredients! This is great fun and you can make a snow small world using some of the toys you have at home. I look forward to seeing your ideas.


A great game you can play with your families is ‘Snowman says….’ which is a bit like ‘Simon says…’ Choose someone to be the snowman who then points to somewhere on the cards. Your family must then do what snowman says….but only if you say ‘Snowman says…’ This is a great game to use your listening skills.



Have great fun with this week’s activities!

Love from Mrs Williams ☕️🐶☃️❄️🐛

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