Who can go: Year 3

When: Thursday lunchtime 12:20- 1pm

Where: Mrs McEvoys’ Classroom

Coding club takes place every Thursday at lunchtime in Mrs McEvoys’ classroom for year 3 pupils. We will be learning how to code by using different Coding programs, such as Scratch, Kodu and an Hour of Coding. We will also explore robots such as Lego WeDo and Artie 3000.

Key Components of Coding

There are 4 key components of computational thinking that as you read through them, you will being to see how there are similar outcomes in the curriculum relating to problem solving, logical thinking, being creative, showing innovation and collaborative learning.

  • Pattern recognition looking for similar patterns within problems or using previous methods to solve problems which may be applicable.
  • Abstraction identifying the key information in the problem and ignoring irrelevant information.
  • Algorithms provide simple instructions or rules to follow to solve the problem.

What been happening in Code Club…