Emergency Child Care Application

Dear Parents/Carers,

Emergency Childcare from April 20th 2020

Please only complete this form if both parents meet one of the following criteria and NEED childcare or you are a single parent which meets the criteria and NEEDS childcare:

  • Prison workers
  • NHS staff
  • Social care workers
  • Blue light/emergency services staff
  • School staff
  • Those who work in food production and delivery.

Before you leave your child at our emergency childcare setting, on the days you are working, please remember that:

This is NOT school. School CEASED nationally on Friday 20th March.

This EMERGENCY RESPONSE childcare service is run by volunteers who are leaving their own children and families at home to support the CRISIS. You should only use this service if you are in work, your work is CRITICAL to the COVID-19 response and you have absolutely no alternative childcare.  Government advice is that your child is safer at home, and if you can keep your child at home you should do so.  We must make it clear that the decision to place your child in the emergency childcare setting carries significant risk.

We will be operating under the WHO and NHS guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus and this will include SOCIAL DISTANCING  and REGULAR HAND WASHING.

If your child displays symptoms they will be sent home.

If anyone present displays symptoms we will inform you.

If your child contracts the virus whilst here they may pass it on to more vulnerable members of your family.

We ask you to pursue a policy of social distancing outside of the emergency childcare setting, in order to help reduce the risk of the virus being brought into the setting.

Please consider the possibility that if staff become ill they will no longer be able to care for your child, the setting may have to close and we will no longer be able to provide this CRITICAL SERVICE which is so important to bringing an end to the CRISIS.

NGP Emergency Childcare Application