Shwmae! oddi wrth Magpies

Croeso i’r Dosbarth Magpies!
Welcome to the Magpies Class!

Meet the team

Welcome back to a new and exciting term!

Welcome back to a new and exciting term! I hope you have had a relaxing Christmas break and are ready for lots of new learning experiences. Our topic this term is entitled ‘Time Travellers’ and will focus on activities based around coal mining and our local area. We will be developing our expressive art skills in particular, which includes both an art and drama/dance workshop. We have also planned some fabulous educational trips for this term including a visit to ‘Big Pit’ as well as visiting local museums and art galleries.

As always the children are encouraged to ‘’Be the best that you can be” and together we will strive for excellence as we live up to the schools motto to ‘Learn, laugh, grow and achieve.’

Please feel free to come and see us if you have any questions or queries throughout the year.


Year 6 Team

Here is some general information about our class.

Year 6 Expectations

Year 6 is very much a transitional year, as the children reach the end of Key Stage 2, their time in Primary Education and take their first steps towards adulthood. As the oldest children, there is an expectation that they will set the example to the rest of school, in terms of their appearance, behaviour and attitude towards school life. Each morning we expect the children to arrive at school on time, in full school uniform and organised for the day ahead. It now needs to become very much their responsibility (not yours!) to ensure that this is the case so, if you need to, take a step back and let them learn to organise themselves, even if it goes wrong to begin with!

The Year 6 curriculum is a very tightly packed one and the children will be encouraged to develop resilience and a Growth Mindset to reach their goals. Children are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and are expected to complete each piece of work to the best of their abilities organising it clearly, and in accordance with the expectations of the school’s policy for pace, presentation and performance.

As the older children in our school, children are expected to embrace their roles and responsibilities as ambassadors to their peers, by setting an excellent example in their behaviour and attitude to school life. Within the classroom and school the children have been awarded jobs and responsibilities, which they will be expected to complete autonomously and to the best of their abilities.

Language, literacy and communication


When completing homework tasks, please encourage your child to write in the cursive style that the school has adopted. We also expect pupils in year 5 and 6 to present work clearly and effectively. Pupils should consider layout and overall presentation that is specific to the writing genre they are focussing on.


Key Stage 2 pupils will follow the ‘Read, Write, Ink’ Spelling scheme, which focusses on the sounds and blends of letters. Pupils will complete a range of activities throughout the week to reinforce the pattern and will be tested on a weekly basis – see timetable. The spelling words provided can be cut up and placed around the house so pupils can check their spellings as and when they encounter them -be creative in where you place them!


It is paramount that your child reads every day at home in order to develop fluency and understanding of a variety of text types. (30 minutes is recommended time) We encourage pupils to read a range of literature that are challenging, including texts linked to real life. Please listen to your child read every week, even if you deem them to be ‘fluent,’ as discussion about the text will help your child’s vocabulary to expand, and aid with developing their writing. Pupils will read in a focus group at least once a week and will complete a range of tasks to improve reading skills daily.

Numeracy and Mathematics

In line with the new curriculum, pupils have been placed in a maths group that will enable them to develop their maths skills at a pace that is suitable to them. Pupils will often be allocated games and tasks via the ‘Active Learn’ site and are expected to remember their login and complete any homework set on time.

Encourage your child to rapidly recall multiplication facts to 12 x 12 at random, as well as, number bonds to multiples of 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s.

ICT – Google Classroom

Pupils will be using Google Classroom through HWB to complete tasks in and out of school. This platform enables pupils to access assignments set by the class teacher; complete and submit their work; receive feedback; and re- submit work if necessary.

Whats on when?

Today is…What must I remember /take home?
Dydd Llun
– ‘Walliams Readers.’
Reading books
Reading diaries

-Spelling Test and new words sent home
Dydd Mawrth
‘Rowling Readers.’
Reading books
Reading diaries
Dydd Mercher
– ‘Colfer Readers.’
Reading books
Reading diaries

– Jolly Journals to be handed in or homework online submitted via Hwb
Dydd Iau
– ‘Morpurgo Readers.’
Reading books
Reading diaries

-Forest schools
Dydd Gwener
– ‘ Horowitz Readers.’
Reading books
Reading diaries

– Appropriate PE Kit required

– Homework diaries required.
Homework issued inc. Active Learn weekly (Online Maths) and Topic homework at least once every half term.

What’s been happening in Magpies class…

Dates for the diary

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